Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Quick Update

As I write this, its Tuesday and I get married on Friday........ Squeals

Anyway Rikki's out at his club thing but instead of sewing I'm on the sofa chilling out, basking in the glory of my super tidy house and watching a film.

Lifes pretty dammed good to be honest!

These flowers were delivered today from my very lovely pen friend! Aren't they beautiful and aren't sewing people the nicest! I can't wait to display them on my dressing table when I get ready Friday morning.

So I'm not sure when I'll next blog! I know I want to do a video before I go on honeymoon about what I'm packing but that's the only concrete plan I have! 

But If you do want to watch me fumble my words and generally make a fool of myself here's two of my latest videos!

This is a review I did of the Cotton and chalk Sunday set! with fabrics from abakhans!

And this is my contribution to the seamstress tag videos that have been going around you tube!

Much Love



Saturday, 8 October 2016

Flamingo Print Baby Dungarees

I'll start off by saying I have a cold, yep I'm less than a week from the wedding and currently my face resembles rudolph. Naturally I'm equal parts furious and grouchy but I'm trying to stay positive. After all a sickness bug has been making its way around nursery last week, so things could be worse [Touches all of the wood so things don't get worse]

Anyway your not here to read about how crappy I'm feeling are you? No your here to see the most adorable pair of baby dungarees their is.

These are for my new not quite born yet niece/nephew [the babies going to be a surprise until its pops itself into the world!] Now the problem with the whole not knowing if its a kyle or a kylie is that everything I make for the hamper needs to be unisex.

Flamingos are unisex right? I tried to go with a slightly more boyish look as a base because you can always make things look girly with accessories like tights.

Right so details, the pattern is from the second GBSB book, Its one of the smaller sizes and I fully lined it so there would be no nasty seams scratching brand new baby skin. The sides and the bottom are closed with press studs for easy nappy changes etc. The two shoulder straps are fully attached with the buttons, So they are none functioning but I don't see that as an issue.

The crotch area is finished with a strip of bias binding and the leg holes are just fold over hems.

I love the little fold in detail on the shoulder straps, especially because it shows the spotty lining I brought. 

I used the same spotty fabric to make the super cute pocket!!! 

And the best part is how adorable it looks with some of the other things I have already made!!!!

Much Love



Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cotton and Chalk, Sunday set In Liberty Cord

I've spoken before about how I'm not much of a Liberty fangirl, Its not that I hate there fabrics Its just that I can't really justify the price.

So when Abakhans Fabrics got in touch and asked me if I'd like some of their Liberty cotton cord I was like "oh, okay then" And picked one off the website.


and the colours! and the softness! OMG! Seriously you know when a pony takes an apple out of your hand and you feel the really velvety nose part? That's what this cotton cord feels like!

Seriously I was sold and It was pre-washed almost immediately!

And then suddenly it happened, I fell a little bit in love with liberty and all it has to offer! And I found that OMG I actually could afford it if I brought it from Abakhans! And then I started my wishlist! if your interest this cotton, this lawn, and this lawn!

Anyway I chose the Stockton in Burgundy which I can't find on the website anymore sobs.....

And chose to make the Cotton and Chalk Sunday set dungaree dress from a recent issue of simply sewing.

And I think It turned out pretty Cute!!!! I didn't have any trouble with the construction of the dress as the cord knows how to behave its little fabric self!

The only trouble I had was with my own stupidity! I mean seriously when will I remember to keep trying stuff on! I had to unpick one strap because it was the wrong way round, shorten the actual straps and ended up just stitching them down because they were too long and I had to rip up the back seam to remove four inches of fabric because either this pattern has too much ease built in or I'm a moron.

The full circle skirt is really pretty and I especially love the fact that it has pockets. I always get so excited for pockets! Its cut on the cross grain but that wasn't an issue for me because this liberty cord isn't a direction print. Although can you imagine getting some chevron action up the sides... Extreme pattern matching! LUSH!

There's me demonstrating the pockets!  The only sad thing about this dress is you can't see the beasty topstitching I did unless your about a foot away from me. But I assure you its there and Its pretty spot on!

Because I had to remove fabric from the back of the dress my zip is central, but my button isn't. There was literally nothing I could do about it other than unpick the entire thing and start again [FYI I have altered my pattern pieces to reflect a smaller size!]

I promise the straps aren't actually twisted like they are in the photo above, it just turns out I can't dress myself! 

Here's a close up of the front of the dress, hopefully you can see the awesome pocket! Which is just big enough for me to keep the car key in when I go to tescos. But I think anything else would drag it out of shape and give gapey boob.

You can also see the buttons I used which came from one of little mans old cardigans. They weren't the ones I originally intended to use in fact I had a few options lined up and asked for help on a sewing community Facebook page. One was a clear favourite but a few people suggested I keep looking and I think it was a good call.

All in all I think its a grand success. To be honest at first I was like "Yay I've made a dress for an over grown child." but I wore it to a birthday party on Saturday and got some lovely comments from the other mums. [By the way how fricking awkward are kids parties? Like "oh hey, we vaguely know each other from school pick up time, Thank you for inviting my child, I'm going to sit in the corner because I don't know you from Adam and I don't trust you enough to leave my child alone with you. Kay?" ]

The only thing I wish is that you could see some of the awesome details better, like the pockets and top stitching.

But I'm determined to make another one in a denim of some form, maybe in something like this! 

Much Love



P.S. Whilst the fabric for this project was sent to me free of charge all views are my own as is all the love! xxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How to store Multi Patterns!

Omg its been a week since my last post. I'm basically the boy at the disco who spends the whole night snogging your face off and then ignores you for the next month. 

All I can say is I've been busy! The wedding has gone from being a long time away "we've got loads of time" to being less than 10 days away!!!! I'm feeling pretty calm though, everything is getting done and I just can't wait now! Saying that I'm sure I'll be a mess on the actual day!!!

Anyway! I have managed to get some sewing done this week, and some cutting out and I have big plans to film a vlog tomorrow! But today I thought I'd share how I store multi patterns!

Multi patterns are a wonderful thing, all the promise of a coordinating wardrobe in one tidy pattern pack. Tidy of course until you've cut the tissue pattern and your trying to get them back into the packet! Then Its like a explosion in a tissue factory!

This is the easiest way I've found of keeping everything tidy. Make each "garment" a separate packet by folding a sheet of a4 in half and sellotaping up the sides! I find with most standard sized pattern packets that the a4 packets fit quite nicely!

and then if your super organised you can label whats in each pattern and what size you've cut!

No more spending ages searching through packets trying to find the right pieces for what you want to make!

Its as easy as that!!

In other news!

Lil man is well and truly settled at school and had his first school birthday party on Saturday! We both had a lovely time!
I'm getting a sore throat which is making me grumpy as sin!
I've started packing for Las Vegas! [VEGAS BABY!] and I'm planning on doing a lil video on what I'm taking. 

Hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging regularly again!

Much Love



Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Five Tips For Sewing Circle Skirts!

Whether its sewn to a bodice or just as a skirt on its own, you can't deny the awesomeness that is circle skirts! 

The draping! The swishyness!!!! 

But they can be a bit tricky to sew! so here's my top tips!

1. Choose your fabric - make sure its a medium or lightweight fabric as heavy fabrics don't drape well!

2. Be gentle - don't drag your fabric around like a caveman! Because you'll stretch it out!!!

3. Stay stitch your waist seam. because your waist will be cut both on the bias and on the straight grain it will stretch. So stay stitch unless you want it stretched out so you can gather it! 

4. Let it hang! Once its all sewn up place it on a dress form or coat hanger BEFORE you hem it! Circle skirts tend to stretch and end up with uneven hems so let it rest! I tend to go for about 48 hours if I have time! Then after its rested even it up!

5. Pick your even carefully, because its a circle they can be pretty tricky to hem but here are some easier options! Narrow hem! Using bias binding to hem [I love this method because its so quick] and hem by hand I tend to do this for fancy makes and do a 1cm hem and dainty stitches!!!

So do you have any tips for sewing circle skirts?

Much Love



Saturday, 24 September 2016

Foxy Lilou Dress

I am exhausted! Lets just say lil man woke up yesterday morning not feeling well and by yesterday afternoon I was washing or actual duvet in the bath [it doesn't fit in our washer] whilst Rikki tried to track down a new one!

Anyway its only a cold [hes always sick when he has a cold] so we popped out later on to give him some fresh air......and .......... we ended up coming home with!!!!!! GERBILS!!!! If you check out my insta you'll see a cute lil video I've shot of them! I'm hoping to get some pictures to but boy are those lil guys rapid!!!! So if you do get to see it you'll meet Snowy, Daisy and Buttons [Guess which one I named?]

But your'e not here to hear me ramble on about my new furry friends!

Instead Your here to see this! A dress with furry foxes on it!!!!

Okay so the details! The fabric is from the craft cotton company and they sent it to me as an early wedding pressie so I could make some stuff for Vegas! It features a sitting fox and a sleeping fox and is about the most adorable fabric I have ever seen! 

Interestingly enough Rikki is a firm hater of novelty print fabrics and he doesn't mind this! I think it could be because I spent 10 minutes strutting around our living room singing "I'm a Foxy Lady" [if your wracking your brains truing to think how that song goes, it doesn't.....I made it up on the spot.............and the dance too]  

The pattern is a Lilou dress, from Tilly and the Buttons love at first stitch! BUT I added sleeves, mainly because I needed a dress with sleeves just in case Vegas has got some serious sunshine on the go! 

The sleeves are from the Megan dress from the same book. But instead of gathering the sleeve head I decided to just pleat it over. I'm always wary of gathered sleeves because they look like puff sleeves and hello I'm not five! So I just pleated them over to make it a bit more grownup. 

The skirts gathered, which is pretty standard for me, I tend to find gathered skirts, box pleat skirts and circle skirts the most flattering.

I think the scooped neckline works nicely with the sleeves and I'm glad I've opened up a whole new relm of Lilous to be made!

The zip is blue! I swear to god when I was finishing this at 10 at night I thought the zip I pulled out was black and then low and behold its bloody blue! Note to self : Having energy saving light bulbs where I sew is not energy saving at all! 

I'm wearing it belted here, but I'm not sure it needs to be. In fact these pictures show the belt in completely the wrong place which is a bit annoying!

The only thing I did that was really different was not doing a lined bodice, I thought I might really regret it but I just didn't have anything suitable to line it! Anyway I don't mind it, and I hope it might take me out of my EVERYTHING MUST BE LINED PHASE!!!! which I was worried might make me a bit sweaty [yeah I know too much info!]  

All in all I love it, I think its a really cute print and I can see me wearing it a lot through the darker months because of the colour!

Much Love




Thursday, 22 September 2016

The hen party dress that wasn't.........

I'm having some serious flip flopping about this dress, at first when I tried it on I thought the bodice was too long and considered taking the waistband out, then I wore it whilst washing up [standard do I like this dress procedure!] and I decided maybe it was okay but not perfect.

and then I though well I only really want perfection, and then I showed it Rikki and he said he didn't think the bodice looked to long [and even remember that this is the fabric from my big haul that he liked best!] 

Okay so the fabric was a spandex jaquard from Abakhan fabrics and cost me £23.70 for 1.5 metres, I actually winced when I typed that because OMG that's a lot of money for fabric!!!!!

So anyway onto the techincal stuff, the bodice is from the third great British sewing book and is the hack from the corset! Its fully lined and I did some top stitching down each seam for a modern vibe. The halter neck is stitched to one side and clips with a button on the other side.

I thought the bodice might be too short which is why I added a waistband, and now I think it too long! sods law eh? 

The skirt is just a basic circle skirt that I cut directly from the fabric! FYI the bloody circle skirt is one of the reasons I didn't wear this to the hen party! The thing stretched and then it stretched some more and then just when I thought it was done I gained an extra centimetre! It took and hour to level it all of and an hour and a half to hem!

The picture above is why Ill be ripping out that waistband later! just look at that bunching!!!! I'm not sure if its my wonky stance or the waistband but either way I'm going to be getting up close and personal with my unpicker!

If I wasn't so darn fussy I think I'd leave it but it just doesn't look quite right?

Much Love